We offer interactive online training and/or the opportunity for locations to host an in-person training conducted by The First Tee certified national trainers.  Training is a required component of The First Tee DRIVE and must be successfully completed to receive the program.


The First Tee DRIVE online training course is an interactive, video-rich session designed to provide vivid examples on how golf skills and core values are safely and effectively integrated into after-school program activities.  Any youth leaders trained and certified to teach The First Tee DRIVE may access the online training program free of charge anytime.

Please note: Thank you for your interest in The First Tee DRIVE online training!  We are currently building a new online learning platform aimed to become available by August, 2017.  Please be sure to check back in for these new and improved updates.

Course outline 


The First Tee offers youth-serving organizations and after-school conferences the opportunity to host an in-person professional development session.  Each session requires three hours and a large activity space such as a large gym or convention center ballroom.

In-Person Training Implementation Timeline  In-person Training Agenda


For more information on our training options, please contact The First Tee DRIVE team.