making a difference

At The First Tee we strive to not only make good golfers, but better people. Participants and alumni across the country talk about what The First Tee means to them, how the program has influenced them and how they plan to give back. In this blog, you will find out why golf is truly different than other sports by seeing it through the eyes of our participants and mentors who make our mission a reality.

What Does it Mean to be a Part of a Go-To Team?

Categories: Life Skills

Having the support of a Go-To Team is vital in pursuing goals and dealing with challenges. We all need the support of other people both on and off the golf course. One of the life skills youth discover at The First Tee, is how to build a Go-To Team. BUILDING A GO-TO TEAM “If you cannot &helli...

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Alumni Spotlight: Melody Sanches

Categories: Character Education, The First Tee Alumni

Through the game of golf, our program aims to prepare youth for success—on the golf course and in life. Alumni of The First Tee continue to demonstrate this impact by sharing their success stories. Alumna Melody Sanches shares how she continues to give back to her community while pursuing her goa...

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