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At The First Tee we strive to not only make good golfers, but better people. Participants and alumni across the country talk about what The First Tee means to them, how the program has influenced them and how they plan to give back. In this blog, you will find out why golf is truly different than other sports by seeing it through the eyes of our participants and mentors who make our mission a reality.

Faces of The First Tee on Facebook

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Do you know who makes up The First Tee? Every participant, volunteer and supporter of The First Tee has a unique story to tell. Each has their own dreams and aspirations. And each has been inspired by The First Tee in a different way. To help tell the stories of the many, many lives that … Read More

Top 5 Things To Do At Pebble Beach

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In the days leading up to the Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach, participants will have the opportunity to explore the rich history and the magical atmosphere that encompasses the Pebble Beach area of the Monterey Peninsula coastline. Find out more about the top five must-do adventures wh...

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Nothing Mentors Like John Deere…RJ Kogut Reflects on the "Careers on Course" Program

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“Careers on Course” is an exciting new youth development program sponsored by John Deere, a Trustee of The First Tee, that provides teen participants at select chapters of The First Tee an opportunity to explore topics in agronomy and career paths in golf course management.Through the program, ...

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Essential Gear Every Player Should Have: Respect

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The First Tee alumnus Logan Bertalan knows what it takes to play Pebble Beach. He’s played in the Nature Valley First Tee Open (twice!) but, his journey isn’t over yet. Logan will be back on the course this year, not as a player, but as a caddie for his friend, junior golfer Mikey Gallinatti, fr...

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PGA Magazine Features The First Tee of Greater Portland Girls Golf Program

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She’s Got Game! In August 2013, PGA Magazine featured The First Tee and our goal to help create successful all-girl opportunities. Our hope is to engage more female participants and help them develop responsibility, sportsmanship, integrity and leadership skills. The article highlighted...

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