As early as kindergarten, Noor endured bullying. Painfully shy, but incredibly smart, classmates took advantage of Noor’s kindness and intellect. Other students pretended to be her friend to get her to help with their homework, only to leave her once they no longer needed her. Noor felt used and afraid to seek anyone’s friendship. Until one day, the perceptiveness of her coach and mentor, Angie, helped changed everything.

“I was too shy to participate in classes, but Angie took me by the hand and told me that we would do the lesson together. She may never know or understand how she in that moment changed my life. She noticed the shy, introverted girl in the corner that no one saw before, and through her small action she told me that I was a part of a group and that I was wanted.”

Make a Gift in Honor of a Mentor in Your Life

Stories of bullying are all too common, which is why The First Tee is proud our coaches recognize participants like Noor and gently encourage them to see their potential. Join us as we aim to provide mentors to every young person involved in our programs.

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