eLearning as we know it is gone

As you know, we are undergoing major technology changes at the home office and across the network. In addition to these changes, we are moving forward with bringing up a new eLearning platform. Read our FAQs below to understand immediate implications on your chapter.

What happened and where did eLearning go?

On June 5, we had a malicious attack on our eLearning database that has resulted in it being corrupted beyond the point of recovering. Please know that we’ve been taking calculated risks over the last few years to keep our old “legacy” systems (in some cases built as early as 2004) in place while we transition our data and business to Salesforce (a cloud-based solution). We have consciously focused on bringing up the “future state” solution, while being aware that our older systems are at some level of risk from a performance and security standpoint.

While we have been anticipating making a change to the eLearning platform in response to your feedback about how difficult the registration process was, we are now moving quicker.

What does this mean for me right now?

Answers below will address your questions based on your role as it relates to eLearning.

When will we be getting access to eLearning again?

We are currently working on a timeline to bring eLearning back up on a new system. We are excited about a new, streamlined education system that will also be integrated with Salesforce. Be sure to tune into future Impact Today issues for updated information.

Coach Training

I’ve already purchased ACT & ACT Annual Assessment eLearning codes, will I be reimbursed for unused codes?

Currently, the home office is working with our accounting department to determine if we can credit chapters who purchased codes in 2017. Chapters will be notified via email once a process has been identified.

How can a coach complete their eLearning prerequisites required for in-person training?

For the remainder of the 2017 Fall trainings, coaches will not be required to complete eLearning prerequisites. This includes the Assistant Coach Training, Level II and Level II pre-assessments.  Coaches who have already started the registration process will be provided instructions via email on how to complete their registration.  Coaches who have yet to start the registration process must still complete the registration form on the chapter intranet. See Coach Training Schedule. Once completed, a member of the coach training business unit will follow up with an email containing payment instructions.

I have coaches who need to take an annual assessment in order to remain active in the coach program. How will they be able to do so?

  • ACT coaches who need to take the ACT Annual Assessment to remain active will automatically be granted active status for the remainder of 2017. No additional action will be required.
  • Level I & II Annual Assessments will be available on a different platform by August 1st, which will give coaches ample time to complete the assessment by the December 15th If Level I & II Annual Assessments have already been purchased, but not completed, coaches will be contacted via email with instructions to complete the new course.

I was planning on using the ACT to educate new volunteers and coaches. What do I do now?

The First Tee home office recently created a PowerPoint and sample training agenda for chapter led trainings. Visit the Chapter Led Training page in the coach section of the intranet. Chapters should take advantage of these resources to introduce new coaches and volunteers to The First Tee Life Skills Experience and coach philosophy.


Line item 13 in ZONE is scored based on the number of people taking an eCourse. How can we get points for that now?

Line item 13 tracking chapter’s utilization of eLearning courses will be removed from ZONE altogether for 2017 ZONE. The total number of scored ZONE items is now 18 with seven KPRs. Visit the ZONE page for the new worksheet.

If assistant coaches can’t complete the online ACT course, how will we count our assistant coaches in the coach:participant ratio line item in ZONE?

Line item 20 scoring chapters’ coach:participant ratios will be removed from ZONE 2017. The total number of scored ZONE items is now 18 with seven KPRs. Visit the ZONE page for the new worksheet.

Outreach Implementation

The home office is currently in the process of quickly coming up with an interim solution for teachers and youth leaders who would be taking The First Tee National School Program and The First Tee DRIVE courses. Check back next week for more information.

Child Protection Course

This course is also unavailable, however there are numerous resources available on the chapter intranet under “Risk Management and Child Protection.”