Can Golf Save a Life?

Categories: Blog, Life Skills

When Jessica Kent from The First Tee of Greater Seattle was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease, she didn’t give up. Jessica looked to the life skills she learned on the golf course to persevere. This is her story, which she shared with members of Congress at the 2016 Congressional Brea...

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How Does Golf Help Youth Set Goals?

Categories: Life Skills

From aces to triple bogeys, golf is a perfect platform for helping kids and teens develop character as it closely parallels real life. Just like in life, players experience the highs and lows of the game. Kids and teens at The First Tee don’t just learn the fundamentals of a golf swing. Our chara...

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The Power of the Handshake

Categories: Life Skills, The First Tee Nine Core Values

Have you ever noticed at the begining and end of a round of golf, players shake hands? The sport of golf was built on the long-standing traditions of courtesy and respect between players.  These are cornerstones of the game and two of The First Tee Nine Core Values that we instill in our junior go...

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