As an limited time offer for registered alumni, the Function f(x) Stand Golf Bag with catch latch technology is designed by Frogger Golf and is available in several color options. The bag retails close to $200.

Alumni will be responsible for the shipping and handling payment which is estimated between $30 and $50.


Please Note: Frogger Golf did mention that the bags “dry pocket” stitching may keep the pocket from being fully functional, it depends back to bag. The bag itself still has six perfectly functioning pockets.

Key Features

  • Two integrated Catch Latch
  • Six-way club management system
  • Golf cart strap channel
  • Ergonomic, comfortable dual carry strap
  • Water bottle pocket, umbrella strap, and rain hood


  • Catch Latch Roto Lock: To unlock the dongle for normal use rotate the Catch Latch receiver counter clockwise.  To lock rotate clockwise until it clicks and the orange indicator is visible.
  • Attach Tools or Accessories: Attach the key ring on the dongle to a secure and sturdy loop on your favorite items.  Frogger is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Alumni Golf Bags Giveaway

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