Honesty: How Youth Can Apply it on the Course & at Home

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honesty-pin flagOne of the most valuable lessons youth can learn in their pursuit of success is to learn how to be honest. As one of The First Tee Nine Core Values, honesty has to do with being truthful—not only when playing golf but also in everything a young person engages in throughout life.


Golf is unique from other sports in that players regularly call penalties on themselves and report their own score. The honesty of players is captured when they follow the rules and etiquette of the game of golf.

True golfers understand that the game has to be a game of honor. The ultimate honesty box is the one where we write our scores.

honesty at home or in school

Players will deal with errant shots, mistakes and face challenges that feel like roadblocks. At The First Tee, participants learn to view challenges as opportunities to try something new as they pursue their goals.

honesty_studying3 ways to apply honesty off the course:
  1. Reporting an accurate number of correct answers when your teacher asks how you answered correctly on a “practice quiz”
  2. If your friend asks you to do something with them and you don’t want to go, tell them the truth rather than making up a “white lie”
  3. When you parents ask you what you did on Friday evening with your friends, share the truth with them, no matter what you did

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With more than 1,200 locations, The First Tee offers programs to youth from all backgrounds—no golf experience needed! If you know a young person who would enjoy The First Tee, visit our locations map to find a local chapter!

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