Perseverance: How Youth Can Apply it on the Course & at Home

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One of the most valuable lessons youth can learn in their pursuit of success is to learn how to react to failure and to persevere.


PerseverancePlaying with perseverance is a lot like playing with self-determination. Whether or not a junior golfer decides to keep going after a less than favorable outcome depends on how they:
1) like the challenge of a test,
2) view failure as an opportunity to learn new things and
3) make an effort to figure out things on their own.

Players will deal with errant shots, mistakes and face challenges that feel like roadblocks. At The First Tee, junior golfers learn to view challenges as opportunities to try something new as they pursue their goals.


At The First Tee, our goal is to help youth take the skills they learn on the golf course and bridge these skills to life. As a result, we encourage parents and guardians to reinforce these values in everyday life, off the course.

Here are some ways kids and teens can practice perseverance at home or in school:
•  Ask the teacher to go over the answers you missed on an exam at school
•  If you have a disagreement with your parent or friend, reflect on your role and have a conversation to better understand their perspective
•  After missing the potential game-winning free-throw, stay after practice to shoot 50–100 extra free throws per day
•  If you don’t get the score you want on the SAT, develop a different approach to better prepare and re-take it
•  When you are struggling in a class or with an activity, keep giving your best effort regardless of the outcome


GET INVOLVED in the first tee

Perseverance, one of The First Tee Nine Core Values, means to persist in an idea, purpose or task despite obstacles. With more than 1,200 locations, The First Tee offers programs to youth from all backgrounds—no golf experience needed!

If you know a young person who would enjoy The First Tee, visit our locations map to find a local chapter!

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