4 Ways to Prepare for College Golf

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How can you prepare youth for college golf? Playing competitive junior golf is a must for young women and men hoping to play at the collegiate level. Junior golf tournaments provide players with opportunities to develop their games while providing college coaches with opportunities to evaluate players in order to make important decisions on playing opportunities and scholarships.

Here are four ways to prepare for college golf:


The sooner youth start playing competitive golf the better. Competitive golf is very different than recreational golf. Playing in tournaments will better prepare them for the pressure and different environments. Ask youth these questions:

  • How fast are you developing?
  • What level of college golf do you want to play?


Advise youth to get started right away looking for local tournaments to begin sharpening their skills. Don’t let them buy into the myth that they need to be a skilled golfer before playing tournaments. States, cities and towns have lots of tournament options for golfers of every skill level.  Here are some ideas to get them started:


The more tournaments they can play, the more their skills will develop and what improvements need to be made to their game. The following is a list of competitive golf opportunities:

  • Middle School/High School Golf Teams
  • State Golf Associations
  • Regional Golf Tours


Most college golf coaches have certain levels of golf tournaments from which they consistently recruit. To be successful, golfers have to do their homework and find out where the coaches will be. Consider the following options while establish your tournament schedule:

  • State Golf Association Championships
  • National Junior Golf Tours
  • Independent Junior Golf Tournaments
  • United States Golf Association (USGA) Championships
  • International Events

Interested in learning more about playing college golf? See the The First Tee College Golf Road Map for additional details on each of these items.

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  1. We live in North Mississippi, noticed there are no First Tee’s in N Alabama or Ms. How can you start a new chapter of First Tee?

  2. My daughter has shown an interest in playing golf, and I want to make sure she gets all the opportunities she can as she pursues this sport. I love your point that the more tournaments they play, the more they will improve and gain skills. She’s already joined her school golf league, but when summer hits, I’ll probably sign her up for a golf camp so she can continue to play even when school is out.

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