Alumni Spotlight: Taking Success from the Course to the Workplace

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Through the game of golf, our program aims to prepare youth for success – whether on the golf course, the classroom, the workplace or at home. Research shows our youth development program has a lasting impact, creating better citizens and lifelong golfers in the process. Alumni of The First Tee continue to demonstrate this impact by sharing their success stories.

Anne McNeil attended Rutgers University, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Management and Global Business.

Anne McNeil, an alumna of The First Tee of North Florida, shares how she continues to give back to her community and build her successful career with our Legacy Partner, Johnson & Johnson.

What was the biggest impact The First Tee had in your life?

I don’t think I realized the true impact The First Tee had on me until I was in college; I was sitting in an organizational behavior class and we were talking about goal setting; the importance of SMART goals. Then it hit me — I had already learned about this at The First Tee! It was then I had the realization that The First Tee was teaching us things that we would be using our entire lives. The First Tee also gave me my first interview experience. I felt much more at ease applying for internships because I had been through an interview process before and the coaches that were there made me feel at ease.

Did anything you learn at The First Tee influence your career choice?

Most importantly, being in The First Tee helped give me the confidence to be whoever I wanted to be—and the importance of being a good person, not just a good golfer. Thankfully lots of business deals happen on the golf course!

What has been the most rewarding part of volunteering with The First Tee of Orange County?

Seeing the kids mature from season to season is really great. But when you witness something ‘click’ for them, whether it be a life skill lesson or a golf technique, that’s when it hits you that you’re making a difference. The First Tee has given me so many amazing opportunities and I feel as though it’s the least I can do to volunteer my time as an alumna. I am such a big believer in the program and think it has amazing potential to change the lives of future generations.

Johnson & Johnson is a very generous Trustee to our organization—how do you find their company culture?

I absolutely love working for Johnson & Johnson. As employees, we are guided by our credo, which talks about the responsibility we have to the doctors, nurses and patients who use our products, as well as the communities and environment we live in. It’s a perfect match for Johnson & Johnson to associated with The First Tee. We share very similar cultures.

Why did you select them as your employer?

There’s not too many companies that have been around as long as Johnson & Johnson and continue to remain one of America’s most trusted brand. When I read our credo before going into my interview, I knew it was a company I would be proud to work for.  My current title is Staff Event Capture Specialist—I manage global complaint intake for the Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions Group, which consists of four of Johnson & Johnson’s medical device companies.

What do you like most about working there?

I love working in medical devices since the decisions we make on a daily basis are ones that are improving peoples’ lives. It is very humbling to be a part of something so large that has the power to change someone’s life. Not many people can say that. Even with the craziness that comes with the industry, I wouldn’t change any minute of it.

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