The First Tee National School Program Reaches Students Living in Poverty

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The First Tee National School Program helps elementary students learn about the basic skills of golf through safe and fun activities. By also incorporating The First Tee Nine Core Values and Nine Healthy Habits in their classes, we’re putting students on course to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Last year, Garrett Lydic, a 2nd grade PE teacher at North Laurel Elementary School in Delaware, used The First Tee National School Program to introduce golf to his students, many of whom live in poverty. His letter to The First Tee shares how the program is already making a difference for his students:

“A majority of my students live in extreme poverty.

The idea of playing a round of golf with a friend, or having quality golf instruction, is out of the question for most of my students. With two daughters who play golf, I see first-hand how it can positively impact those who develop an appreciation for the personal and social values associated with the game.

Naturally, golf is a difficult sport and it will take time for my students to develop the physical skills necessary to be successful. But the life skills they learn through this program helps them right now.

Sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and respect are just four of the core values taught through this program that help my students make better choices each day.

Last year, we incorporated the pitch and the full-swing skills into our field day activities. The students enjoyed it so much that they asked to keep them this year. Six students from each of our 26 classrooms met with me to help them better prepare for these field day activities. It was a big hit with them as well as the parents and teachers who couldn’t believe their eyes as the balls traveled through the air towards their intended targets!

We have taken several steps this year to incorporate both the skills and etiquette of golf. This spring, students will take their game outside to play modified golf matches with their classmates.

For many of my students, this great game will likely open doors that would have otherwise remained locked.”

About The First Tee National School Program

Already in more than 1,400 school districts across the county, The First Tee’s goal is to expand the National School Program to 10,000 schools by the end of 2017.

And with the help of partners like Southern Company, The First Tee’s Education Patron, the program is being implemented in 1,000 schools in the southeastern U.S through 2017.

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4 responses to “The First Tee National School Program Reaches Students Living in Poverty

  1. I have 2 grandchildren who are interested in golf, age 9 and 8. They live in northeastern Mass, and Southeastern NH. Can you give me a few locations where they could join the First Tee Program?
    Thank you,
    Cee Tee 7

  2. Thank you for sharing the great news & providing much needed support for our schools, teachers & students. Our world is a better place because of The First Tee & we are all truly grateful!

  3. I would like to bring The First Tee National School Program to Garden Park Elementary in Brownsville , Texas.

  4. Thank you for your interest in bringing The First Tee to your area! We will reach out to you directly with more information.

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