9 Questions You Should Ask About After-school Programs

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It’s no surprise that after-school programs can do much more than keep your children occupied during the afternoon. After-school activities can help them in a variety of ways. In addition to providing a safe space with caring adult mentors, after-school programs help children develop time-management skills, build self-esteem and practice goal-setting.

Quality after-school programs understand that children and youth in different age groups have different academic, psychological and physical activity needs. Learn what to ask to make sure you choose the right after-school program for your child.

after-school programsHere are 9 Questions You Should Ask About After-school Programs

  1. How many young people are in the program that are the same age as my child? What is the age range for the entire program?
  2. Does your staff have a background in education, child development or learning and attention issues? Is there someone available to help with their homework?
  3. How do you handle discipline? How are students encouraged to resolve conflicts?
  4. Do the activities change so that the routine doesn’t become boring?
  5. Will they be encouraged to try new activities?
  6. Will I need to provide any type of sports equipment for activities?
  7. Do you offer character-building programs?
  8. What are the hours of the program?
  9. I am on a tight budget—what are the program fees? Do you offer scholarships?

The First Tee after-School programs

after-school programsMore than 11.3 million youth are either alone or unsupervised from 3-6 p.m. The First Tee believes that all youth should have access to safe places and caring adult mentors who provide an experience that help them grow socially, emotionally and academically. With more than 1,200 program locations and 3,900 trained coaches, The First Tee offers programs to youth of all backgrounds on golf courses. In addition, we partner with youth centers—likes Y’s and Boys and Girls Club, to offer our program at their facilities.

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  1. We really need a program like this in schuylkill county pa. We h Ave had an influx of Alot of people from different ethinicty.. 8 years ago there was a tragedy with an Hispanic man was beaten and died by some youths in Shenandoah pa that made national news. Now would be a great time to bring the 9 core values to the youth in our schools. This is a poor region but has great potential, how can I get a program launched.

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