How Does Golf Help Youth Set Goals?

Categories: Life Skills

From aces to triple bogeys, golf is a perfect platform for helping kids and teens develop character as it closely parallels real life. Just like in life, players experience the highs and lows of the game.

Kids and teens at The First Tee don’t just learn the fundamentals of a golf swing. Our character education and life skills curriculum help teach them how to manage emotions, resolve conflicts, communicate and set goals.

For anyone who has already broken their new year’s resolution, you know that a goal is more than a wish. A goal is a dream you work hard to make come true.

How The First Tee Teaches Goal Setting

Learning to set challenging, but realistic goals is a vital skill youth must learn. As participants progress through The First Tee, they learn: 

  • Why we all need dreams and goals for golf and in life
  • How to clearly imagine their dreams
  • The difference between dreams and reachable goals
  • The Four Guidelines for Setting Reachable Goals
  • How a “goal ladder” can help them reach their goals
  • What to do when they have challenges to reaching their goal

Our chapter program and curriculum was developed by experts in the field of positive youth development and is delivered by coaches trained through The First Tee Coach Program. Our mission is to help prepare kids and teens for success in school, at home and in their community.

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