Why Do Mentors Matter?

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mentoringDid you know that January is National Mentoring Month?

What have the adult role models and mentors in your life meant to you?
Did they inspired you to do something?
Or maybe they didn’t give up on you?
Are you better for having them in your life?

Now, what if we told you 16 million American youth—one in three—will reach the age of 19 without having had a mentor of any kind?

The First Tee mentors are role models who walk the talk. They set a positive example for their mentees by modeling behaviors and attitudes that reinforce positive values. They realize that how they act is more powerful than what they say. 

Building on more than a decade of experience with life skills education and positive youth development, The First Tee believes:

Mentors are:
Non-stop advocates
Role models, who
Set high expectations for mentees

The First Tee provides a safe place with caring adults for children and teens in this country. It encourages mentoring relationships between junior golfers and coaches and volunteers. There’s a saying that our mentors always keep top of mind: “Young people do not care what a mentor knows until they know a mentor cares.

In honor of National Mentoring Month, consider becoming involved as a volunteer or coach at The First Tee chapter in your community.
You can make a difference.

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