Sara Rintoul's "Best Day Ever" with Paula Creamer

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By Chelsea ColemanPaula Creamer_Sara Rintoul

It’s not every day that participants have the opportunity to join The First Tee home office—and a professional golfer—to film a Public Service Announcement (PSA)…

…but last month, participants from The First Tee of Central Florida were selected to do just that with LPGA Tour pro Paula Creamer!

One particular participant, Sara Rintoul, had “the best day ever” when she was chosen to shoot a scene with Paula.

“May 21st was one of the best days of my life. Once again, The First Tee gave its participants an amazing opportunity—to join the LPGA’s Paula Creamer in filming a national PSA.

We didn’t immediately know which professional golfer would be in the commercial. When I found out that it was the one and only Paula Creamer, I knew that this would be like nothing I’d ever done before.

PSA with Paula CreamerWhen the day finally came, I was so excited! We waited in the clubhouse until it was time to start filming. Then I heard them say that Ms. Creamer had arrived and I had this rush of adrenaline because I couldn’t wait to meet her.

After she arrived, they took some participants to film with her on the range. I, however, was not one of them.

Finally, it was my turn to film and I had no idea what to expect. In fact, the one thing I never thought about was the actual ‘filming’ part of the day. Fortunately, I do participate in acting and theater when I’m not golfing, so I had that in my back pocket.

A few of us were escorted to the ‘set’ which was one of the course’s tee boxes, where cameras, microphones and other tech devices were set up. I was in awe, watching people adjust cameras and figure out lighting. Then, there she was; Paula Creamer was standing just 20 feet away! The director came up to us and asked which one of us was Sara. I calmly said that I was, even though inside I was a nervous wreck! He then asked me if I had any acting experience and I quickly told him yes.

Before I could blink, someone was doing my makeup, another gave me a microphone, someone else showed me where to block, all while I PGA TOUR - The First Tee promo shoot with Paula Creamermemorized my lines.

I had no idea that my acting skills would come in handy, and that I might be able to deliver a line, on camera, with Paula Creamer. Getting to utilize my acting experience only made this day better!

When Paula walked up next to me, I was a little nervous. But I was immediately put at ease by her friendly demeanor. Paula was so nice and down to earth and she was so pretty!

My coaches were on hand for moral support and encouragement. Time flew by as the filming progressed. Before I knew it, it was a wrap!

Overall, I had the best day ever! From the director to the makeup artist to Paula Creamer herself—they each made this a day to remember.

Not only is Paula Creamer an awesome golfer, she is a terrific person and I’m honored to have had the opportunity to briefly meet and work with her.”

The First Tee PSA with Paula Creamer

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  1. We are so proud of our Granddaughter Sara as are all the family overhere.

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