These Girls Are Good! Junior Golfer Alice Duan Describes her Eagle on #10 at Pebble Beach

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Duan, AliceDuring first round of the Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach, Alice Duan from The First Tee of Northern Nevada holed out number 10 for and eagle. She describes the incredible experience.

Ohh my god! Pro Michael Allen, TOMS Chief Shoe Giver and Orthopedic Surgeon Blake and Mike Mycoskie, oh my! It was an INCREDIBLE day. I can’t exaggerate how awesome it was. Everyone was so nice, so funny, so amazing both personality and golf skill wise!

Michael Allen was such a great guy, I love him to death. He’s crazy funny, definitely a very impressive golfer, and I count myself so so lucky I got paired with him. I’m looking forward to more golf with him for sure. I wouldn’t trade him for anything!

A Magical Moment on the 10th hole at Pebble Beach
Let me relive that moment forever! Here I am, walking to my so-so tee shot while I’m staring at the dolphins off the coast, and not even a little bit in my mind am I thinking about getting an eagle.

To be honest, that 9-iron was NOT a super solid shot and thank god for that! I hit it a bit chunky, but it went right on the line I picked. I was watching it from the moment it bounced once and I thought, hey, that was alright.

Go ball, go!

In the hole?!


No way! Did you see that?!

AliceDuan-EagleDanceScreaming, hopping around, dancing, I was in a state of euphoria so intense it totally overwhelmed me. High fives all around and hugs for everyone! I couldn’t believe it, my last eagle like that was over a year ago. Watch the Golf Channel coverage >>

The next cool thing was Blake Mycoskie almost holing his shot right after me, ending up about 4-5 feet short. Allen also had a great approach, right on line and burning the edge of the hole on his birdie putt. It was great, great, great. I’d never trade that moment for anything in the universe.

Duan, Do-wan, Dwon
It’s funny though, when writing down how to pronounce my name on a card before the tournament began, someone told me “Just write Do-wan. It’ll be fine.” I wanted to write “Dwon,” like how you actually say it. Now I get to laugh and cringe every time someone pronounces my name wrong on the TV! Ha ha. Oh well, it’s all good, cause I’m at Pebble Beach with an amazing partner, Michael Allen!

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